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A Recent Trip Back in Time with SuperTramp #Music

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About two months ago I was cruising around the web, browsing really, and found myself on the homepage of the Rochester Jazz Festival. I’ve spent a lot of time in Rochester, NY, although I don’t live there. I have relatives there and spent a few years working for a University there. But I had never been to the Jazz Festival.

I may not have decided to go this year except that I saw the word SuperTramp on one of the pages. Of course, it wasn’t SuperTramp, it was Roger Hodgson, the lead singer and composer of so many SuperTramp songs. I had to go…had to! So I talked to my husband and another couple and booked the tickets. It was almost sold out by the time I did. We had seats in the Mezzanine, so I wasn’t sure how good they would be. The Kodak Theater at the Eastman School of Music was the venue with it’s perfect acoustics.  We might have been sitting front row center for how the music sounded.

Sometimes when you see a band or singer from “way back” it just isn’t the same…their voice can be gravelly or they are burned out from a lifetime of being on the road…or worse. So my expectations were tempered. No need for that!

Roger Hodgson sounds exactly like he did 30 years ago. Clear, beautiful voice that can still hit every high note. And although the original SuperTramp members weren’t there, the musicians with him were amazing.

I could go on for a long time about the songs… Give A Little Bit, Take The Long Way Home, If Everyone Was Listening, School, Dreamer…..

But I won’t. I’ve dug up some videos to share because I hope it makes you want to see him in person. It is well worth it!

Breakfast in America
The Logical Song


Give a Little Bit


Fools Overture





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  1. Rissa says:

    Hey Marlie! I’m 100% with you – Roger’s shows are truly something else! Small world – I went to the show before Rochester, in Williamsport, PA…I’m sure you also had that special “floating” feeling by the time the show was done, and the best part – it sticks with you! Actually, Roger has a few shows coming in NY this October, in Verona & Albany – maybe we could have a hug and a hello! 🙂

    • Marlie says:

      Rissa – I am definitely going to check out the calendar. Verona has a wonderful theater! I’ve been a fan since the Supertramp days when my hubby (then boyfriend) and I listened to albums and tapes in college. Roger is still a fabulous singer and musician. Aged wine.

  2. Lisa Doxrude says:

    Roger Hodgson is one of the most underrated artists actively touring. He hit the road over 10 years ago to share his magic and collects more and more fans of all ages at every performance. Often he sells out venues and has performed to audiences numbering up to 20,000 which his band!! How has Roger done this…… the very way you have described Marlie, often by chance. Many have always known Roger’s face/music, following him literally all over the world.

    While many have attended festivals where he is playing and experience his magic for the first time….becoming hopelessly hooked on the quality of his voice, musicality and close relationship he and his band have with the audiences. Yes I am a huge fan……..

    Go……..travel to feel Roger’s gifts.
    Check out his website for Roger has more US shows in August and October.

    • Marlie says:

      Lisa – You said it all! I’ve been a fan since the SuperTramp days, but didn’t know he was even touring till I stumbled upon that Jazz Festival notice. Now, I’m on the lookout for more dates nearby. I could go over and over again!

  3. Candy says:

    Thanks for your words Marlie, as you said many people would be surprised to see Roger Hodgson in their live concerts. Many emotions and feelings would unite with the sound quality offered by Roger, his voice and beautiful songs. And it’s so easy, like saying that Roger wrote the big hits that led to stardom, that band Supertramp now not exist, from the time that Roger left to be in it. Cheers.

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