New Release of Angels And Echoes by Dori Hartley #fantasy #supernatural #lovestory

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New Release of Angels And Echoes by Dori Hartley #fantasy #supernatural #lovestory

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I’d like to welcome Dori Hartley to my blog today. I read her book, Angels and Echoes about a year ago on Kindle, and I couldn’t put it down. Now she’s published on Createspace and you can get a copy here.

Angels And Echoes – by Dori Hartley

When I first wrote Angels and Echoes in 2011, I had visions of film rights, great actors and directors beating down doors to get at the screenplay and a book tour that had me too busy to accept Oprah’s non-stop begging. Oh how they all wanted my book, my story – in my head, I was the new Chuck Palahniuk, the Harlan Ellison – hell, I was the brainchild of Stephen King and Dan Brown. I was that good.

I decided I wanted to self publish, as the tides had changed and self-pub was no longer the option reserved for losers who couldn’t nail a deal with the three sisters. Now, self publishing was a cool thing to do, but as recently as 2011 – it was still too expensive, and because of my lack of buckage I could only afford to put out a nice, worthy e-book, on Kindle. Huzzah!

Sales aplenty, but always amidst the sounds of readers who expressed that there’s nothing quite like a physical book to hold in one’s hand, to cherish, kiss, press to one’s bosom, get in the damned bath with, destroy the spine of, rest one’s coffee cup on – simply nothing like it. I took that into consideration and took the millions I made off of my Kindle publication (yes, that’s sarcasm) and invested in Createspace’s POD program. My total cost: Nothing!

Still, the work was there, and I now had a chance to re-edit and recreate a stunning new book cover – and I could now thrill to the idea that actual page numbers would be there for readers. Percentages be gone! We are only human, we readers – we need some page numbers for the love of all we hold unholy!

Finally, Angels and Echoes became a physical reality. Or, as we in the real world like to call it: a book. You can touch it, flip through it, fold the pages, sniff it’s essence, and of course – you can fall madly in love with the story, which is so intense that I promise you will never forget it.

So, what’s the story about? Without giving too much away, I’ll say this. It’s a fantasy-fiction that brings together hardcore realities and escapist wishes. It is a story of abuse, of rejection and undying hope. It is the tale of two dreamers and the parallel path of chaos that leads them to redemption.

It’s also a tale of the internet and role playing games; a crime novel, a supernatural thriller and the greatest love story ever told.

It is painful and heartbreaking and after reading it, you will believe in true love.

Angels and Echoes is the greatest thing I’ll ever do in my life. It’s what I leave the planet when I go. My soulmate love story.

People always ask me if it’s an autobiography. No, it isn’t. It’s pure fiction. But as Alfred Hitchcock once said, “Fiction is real life with the boring parts left out.”

Enjoy my novel, it is for you.

-Dori Hartley, December 2013

For more information on Angels and Echoes, read the non-spoiler synopsis available on CreateSpace

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