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Another NanoWrimo Update

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Bad, bad, me!  I missed almost a week of writing my daily amount and now I have a huge number of words to write to catch up with my NanoWrimo goal. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to (everyone says that) but that by the time I got done writing for my other work, I was all worded out.

It isn’t good to fall behind, though, for more reasons than just keeping the word count up. When I write every day consistently, the words flow easier, freer, and it takes no time at all to get back into the story. I’m a faster writer when I write every day, even if I do a little bit of editing as I go.

I suppose my preference of writing late at night needs to change – perhaps I should try the early morning before I start working on anything else.

Okay, short blog – I have to save my words for my NanoWrimo story!

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