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Fear of Formatting

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It came as quite a surprise to me to find out my Kindle formatting had some errors. I had checked and rechecked, looked at the Kindle Preview, and it all looked pretty good. But a good friend and early reader told me that there were some words missing, and they seemed to be replaced by comma’s.

So, I backed my way from the Kindle to the Previewer to my formatting software and found that all the errors began in Jutoh, the tool I use to convert my Word docs to .mobi format.  It seems that all the place names (Boston, New York, etc.) were  replaced with a single space. The comma’s were just where they should be, but without the place names, they looked…lonely!

In addition, the character name Elizabeth (which can also be a place name, as in Elizabeth, NJ) was also replaced with a single space.

So, I had to read through each and every line (again) and find the missing word locations, replace them, resave, upload and republish. But to make matters worse, Kindle doesn’t update the user’s versions of a product automatically. You have to ask to have a new version pushed to you.

That is done, and all is well, but it was definitely a lesson in editing. Read every word after uploading to a conversion tool. Even if you read every word in Word.


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