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Getting My Writing Groove Back #amwriting

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For the past six months, I’ve struggled to get enough time and energy to write. I’ve made promises to myself, set aside special times to write (which always got eaten up by other pressing matters), and then just decided it wasn’t going to happen for a while.

A business emergency sucked the life out of my head and required me to learn a whole new business – and run it – while keeping a roof over my head with my consulting. It’s been a bit of an emotional ride as well, as I learned some things about a family member that disappointed me beyond belief.

But there seems to be a rhythm developing in the nature of the day work, and hopefully I’ll begin to rebuild that psychic energy that is so necessary for a writer. I miss the feeling of completing a scene that makes me feel accomplished, or the days of reading and re-reading parts of a story to get the wording just right, to convey exactly the emotion I want the reader to feel.

So, back to it – Marlie’s getting her groove on again.


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