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Music to Write By

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Do you write with music in the background? Or do you need it to be completely quiet? Or, like me, do you select music according to what you are writing? I can rarely write with music in the background that has lyrics – I sing the words in my head and can’t write.So I listen to instrumentals (doesn’t that sound like something your parents would listen to, or elevator music?)

When I wrote You Belong To Me, I was in a smooth jazz mood. One of my favorite smooth jazz musicians is Rick Braun. And this song has become associated in my mind with Colin, the hero in the book.

Now I’m in the final edits of a fantasy/paranormal (I’ll decide soon, I hope) that needs a totally different vibe for writing. Egyptian hieroglyphics, a trek through Guatamala, the British Museum and ancient legends and myths figure prominently in the book. So the music has to reflect that for me. Here is a track that puts me right in the mood to work on that story.

What music stirs you to write?


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