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My Blogmates – The Scribbling Divas

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Recently, I joined up with six other diverse writers to create The Scribbling Divas blog. We cover Romance, Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult and even Non-fiction. What I love about Scribblingdivasthe group is how interesting and different each blog post can be. From a post about dying your hair hot pink to a secret love of all things “Royal Family” to Guilty TV Pleasures – Reality TV, all of these articles reflect the distinct personalities of the authors.

I invite you to hop on over to The Scribbling Divas and take a walk through the funny and interesting posts.  Get to know the authors and their published books. And take note of the sidebar where we post our Appearances and Guest stints on other blogs, too.




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  1. Marlie, I LOVE our blog, the ScribBLING Divas! I felt so honored when I was asked to participate! DIVAS rock!

    ~ Kathleen

  2. Marlie says:

    I feel honored, too, Kathleen, with some very talented and prolific writers as part of the group. DIVAS Rock!

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