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You Belong To Me

Gallery owner Erin Reilly is starting over in Chicago and running a new gallery after leaving her abusive ex-husband behind. Haunted by the past, she’s still determined not to look over her shoulder every time the phone rings or someone knocks on her door. When sexy corporate lawyer, Colin Marshall, enters her life, he represents everything she wants in a man…and more.

After his wife cheated on him, Colin hardened his heart and wanted nothing more to do with relationships. Now, the smart, witty gallery owner is under his skin – challenging him at every turn and breaking down the barriers surrounding his heart. He wants to prove to her she can trust again, and that he’ll always be there for her.

 But when Erin’s ex follows her to Chicago, intent on breaking Erin and Colin up and getting Erin back, danger threatens every step the couple take. Can Erin find the courage she needs to conquer her fears and stop the monster trying to destroy her life? Or will Colin make the ultimate sacrifice and save her from the nightmare threatening them both?

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