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Nanowrimo Update

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Since committing to Nanowrimo, I’ve had good days and bad days. And some days when i just forgot to update my Nanowrimo numbers.

But I have to say that this is the first time I’ve stuck to writing “something” every single day for 10 days in a row….ever. And I’m having a good time with it.

At first, I thought I couldn’t possibly write without editing. I can’t leave typos or misspelled words, but I’m not going back and fixing, editing, putzing with dialogue or sentence structure. I’m just writing, getting it all out and down on paper. And the truth is, although it’s not great, it’s pretty good. Good enough to go back and use most of it.

I am working on a story that I started over a year ago. I had about 6 chapters written, and notes for every chapter through to the end – perhaps a paragraph or so that at least gave me the outline of what this story is about. But I have changed some details and the back story doesn’t quite match. Okay, I’ll get to that… in December!

I know several of you are writing like maniacs, too. How are you doing with Naowrimo?

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  1. 10 days is great! I petered out at 2. LOL! But I’m going to keep at it. With the storms, school cancellations, and holidays this month, there have been a few distractions (why can’t Nano be in like March? 🙂 ), but I’ll try to crank out a few more words before the end of the month. I’m sitting on a pathetic 2500 words right now and I know I can do better than that! 🙂

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