Putting my Toe in the Water – Promotion

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Putting my Toe in the Water – Promotion

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Promotion: everyone has to do it, especially if you are self-published. Although today, even the large publishers expect authors to promote themselves.

After putting together a plan for promoting my book, the hardest part is doing it – pressing the button to send that email or posting a tidbit on Facebook or Twitter. It is easy to promote others, to send a link or tweet about a book written by someone I know and whose book I really like.

But putting yourself out there is another thing altogether. I suspect it harkens back to the day when our mothers told us to sit still, don’t be pushy, wait your turn, etc. Promoting your book (or anything else these days) just doesn’t work that way.

So I’m stepping into the water, hoping that I do it right, don’t overstep, and that people will read and love my book and characters as much as I do.  That is the bottom line, now isn’t it? To share a story and characters that you fell in love with, that you want others to enjoy as much as you do.

Here goes!

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