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Rituals for Writing

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My last post described my intention to focus on writing first thing in the morning – even before checking email, and to commit to doing this every day. So far, so good.

But I realized that I might be able to give myself a little help and support in sticking to my guns if I set up my Fotolia_11941512_XS-229x300environment to lead me into the writing. So what could I do to make sure I didn’t drift into email or Twitter or Facebook?  How could I establish a context and/or a ritual that would take me right into my story?

Last thing at night, just before I go to bed, I open my WIP and read the last chapter I’ve written, or the last scene. Then as I go to sleep, I’m thinking about that scene and what has to happen next. I don’t know if my mind works on the story at night. I’m not one who dreams vividly or remembers anything at all about my dreams, if I even have any. I go to sleep and then it is morning. Dark, then light. Eyes closed, then eyes open. But I do know that I have new ideas in the morning, whether that is just from being refreshed or from a little engine working away while I sleep.

Because I never turn off my computer, I leave that last page open on my screen, ready for me to see when I sit down at my desk. So, after having my first morning coffee, and bringing the second with me to my office, I sit right down and write, because I’ve set myself up to do just that.

Some writers say they have rituals that they do before they write, some can only write in certain places or at specific times,others seem to be able to write on a napkin on a rolling train. I’m fascinated with how other authors work.

If you are writer, what are your rituals? If you are a reader, I bet you have rituals for some of your work, too, and I’d love to hear about them.

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