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Tools of the Trade

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For years, I’ve written everything using MS Word. And I’ve mastered it, mostly. Sure there are some obscure features that I can never find that once time each year that I need them. And there are certainly more hidden, funky, options than I will ever use. But most of the time I write happily along with the basics.

When I decided to self-publish my first novel, I did some research and realized that Word was not very good for formatting output for the Kindle and other ebook devices or sites. And, of course, they all have a different format. Grrr. So off I went in search of a tool that would take my Word doc and transform it.

Jutoh was the tool I chose, and it worked pretty well. The only thing I noticed after I imported my doc was that all the place names (Boston, Chicago, etc.) were replaced by blanks. Huh? Okay, so I had to edit the whole book to find all those places where this occurred and fix them. But the export did what is was supposed to do and evenmy TOC was correct.

But now, I’m hearing a lot about Scrivener. It seems to do everything but write the story for you. And it exports into the proper formats! Oooooh!  As a self-professed geek, I had to have it. So I have just downloaded the free trial and installed it. I’m about to start using it.  I’ll report back and tell you what I think in a week or so.

Do you use Scrivener?  If not, what tools do you use to help you with your writing or publishing?

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