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Waiting for Spring

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IMG_0041It seems somehow childish to want to flip the bird at Punxsutawney Phil, but that’s how I feel today. It is snowing again. And seems like that is the forecast for the rest of the week. Flurries, flurries and more flurries. Where is Spring?

This is the hardest time of year for me, and for many people in the Northern states. Winter has dragged on and, although there is an occasional crocus peeking through the snow, spring just doesn’t seem to be that close. Even with the time change this past Sunday, and daylight lasting longer than 4:30 PM, I’m oh so groggy and oh so ready for spring.

I can’t wait to get out in the garden and see the Daylilies pushing up through the winter ravaged mulch. Scattered across the back of the garden are Peonies, and watching them bloom, hoping there isn’t a hard rain that drags them to the ground, is one of my favorite spring activities. Every day new peony buds mature and burst into showy blooms of white and pink and maroon.

Purple Coneflower, red Astilbe, pink and blue and white Hydrangea, change my outlook, my attitude, my mood. I miss walking in the soft grass barefoot and sitting on the back porch and letting my eyes feast on all the different shades of green that stretch out from my back yard to the hills beyond.

Just the thought of cooking out on the grill makes my mouth water. Somehow dinner inside doesn’t seem as relaxing or festive. And spring weather brings with it asparagus, fresh greens and new peas from the farmer’s market .

How many more weeks of winter are there Phil?



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