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Why I Write Romance

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There are some who know me who are surprised to find that I write Romance novels. But they Fotolia_2907328_XSshouldn’t be. I’ve always been interested in people and their emotions, the inner workings of the mind and personality. I majored in Psychology and Anthropology in college, and although my career path didn’t lead me into those disciplines, I’ve used them repeatedly to help me understand my co-workers, my clients, my family.

Writing novels lets me create the inner workings of my characters – or more often, to figure them out, as they seem to be whole people who come to me so that I can tell their story. I have to uncover their motives, their fears, their inspiration. This inner emotional landscape informs and directs how the characters relate to one another and to theĀ circumstancesĀ of their lives.

Romance novels allow me the added dimension of writing about how and why people fall in love and how the introduction of love in someone’s heart intervenes, redirects, confuses and ultimately conquers the fear, distrust and the very separateness of the characters – of human beings.

Love isn’t easy. Not in real life nor in novels. It requires our characters to change, to open their eyes and see someone else in ways they may not be comfortable with. It can make them change their point of view and look at the world and their situations in a different light. It can make them change their behaviors. And no one wants to change, at least not without a reason, a captivating reason. It takes something powerful to make us or our characters embrace change. Something powerful like love.

Love is the foundation of a romance novel. No matter what the story is about, no matter the sub-genre, there is a love story going on. And the very definition of a romance novel includes a satisfying conclusion, a happy ending. This appeals to me for so many reasons – a subject for another blog, another day.

But in the wake of a horrendous week, sometimes we just need a happy ending.

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6 Comments so far:

  1. Edith says:

    One of the benefits of writing romance which I could never have anticipated is that I am much more acceptable of the quirks and personality traits of my family members than I used to be. I’m even more patient……..must keep writing! Maybe it’s because I’m doing something I love, or maybe it’s because like you, I am learning to analyze individual’s behaviour. Whatever the reason it’s fun and it works!

  2. ana Morgan says:

    You are absolutely right, Edith. Love is scary and thrilling at first. I think the harder ride is sticking to it, not quitting when things get rough (which they always do).

    • Marlie says:

      One thing I did in my first romance novel, You Belong To Me, is take the reader farther into the relationship than a traditional romance. After the wedding, what happens then? I loved writing that part.

  3. Angela Adams says:

    It’s not so much the romance for me, but the “Happy Every After” ending.

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